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#15: Aina Alive: Finding Confidence in Conflict & Negotiation


Aina Alive is an acclaimed Agile Coach and consultant who leads organizations during their transformational journey and coaches large enterprises to lead productive and thriving teams. Her company, Bee Agile Tutoring, trains professionals to build rewarding tech careers.

Mentoring 100+ people Aina noticed similar questions and mistakes people make while pivoting their careers. This gave her an idea for her book “It starts with you” released in March 2022.

She has been featured in Top 30 Female Entrepreneurs in 2021 by The NYC Journal, helped more than 100 people to get their dream job, trained NASA engineers and presented at International PMI and Agile Conferences.

About talk:

Finding Confidence in Conflict & Negotiation

Many believe that conflict resolution and negotiation are related to Peacemakers or FBI agents saving hostages. However, we face conflicts and negotiate with others every single day without even noticing this.

Developing conflict management and negotiation skills is crucial for leaders. Unfortunately, many project managers, agilists, people managers and other leaders prefer to ignore the signs of a conflict and hope it goes away by itself. However, conflict is an essential part of growth, especially when there is a need to be innovative and creative, with tight deadlines and unclear directions.

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