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#19: Patricia Kong & Ravi Verma - Panel Q&A - Avoid Burnout with Mental Resilience in the Workplace


In this panel discussion, we host Patricia Kong of, Ravi Verma of Smooth Apps and FRIEND. As "Agilists" who constantly search for improvement, they acknowledge how difficult it is to maintain creative stamina and advance a professional outlook while managing life through both world and personal challenges. They'll discuss ways they've been coping and thriving while life throws curveballs and address the elephant in the room, how do we "show up" at work when we're unfocused and how do we manage our work to enable focus when we are distracted.

About talk:

Panel Q&A Discussion - Avoid Burnout with Mental Resilience in the Workplace

Burnout. Burnout is exhausting and caused by constantly feeling busy and pressured. It happens when stress is constant, excessive and ignored, and it's usually related to work. In 2020, 71% of workers reported feelings of burnout, in 2021, reports of constant feelings of work-related stress increased to 79%*. Today, work is often the least of our worries, yet can either compound stress or serve as an outlet.

*American Psychological Association

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