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#18: Barry Overeem & Christiaan Verwijs: Unleash Scrum In Your Organization


Barry Overeem (Linkedin) liberates organizations from outdated modes of working and learning. Bringing in fresh energy and creativity, he creates space for everyone to be involved in shaping the future and make a positive impact.

Christiaan Verwijs (Linkedin) enjoys igniting positive change in teams and organizations. He has a background in organizational psychology and is a Professional Scrum Trainer at

About talk:

Unleash Scrum In Your Organization

For many years, we worked closely with Scrum teams and gained good, bad, and surprising experiences. We captured the essence in our book the Zombie Scrum Survival Guide. While trying to resolve Zombie Scrum, we also found time to start the development of the Zombie Scrum Survey. The many teams that used the survey offered us a goldmine of data, and its findings resulted in the academic paper "A Theory On Scrum Team Effectiveness". The research once again helped us improve the survey, which by now was renamed to Scrum Team Survey. During this session, we'll offer you a brief overview of Zombie Scrum and share the latest findings of our research. We'll also help you reflect on how your team(s) and organization are doing.

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