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#1: Dave West: Enterprise Agility – The journey not the destination

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

The pandemic taught us all why we need to be more agile. Whether it was managing kids school schedules, planning vacations, or even hosting a dinner party. Agility for businesses was no longer a nice to have, but a necessary capability as the world wrestled with the unknown of a global every changing pandemic. But what happens now? As we shift into the new normal do organizations take the learning of flatter organizations, empowered teams, flexible governance and frequent review and adaption and make long term organizational change, or do they move back to a more traditional model with a huge sigh of relief? The reality is yes and yes. The new normal is here to stay, but for the smarter organizations there is an opportunity to use this moment to build a more flexible, dynamic, outcome centric organization. In this talk Dave West, CEO describes what the future of enterprise agility is after the pandemic. He paints a picture of flexibility balanced with innovation and managed change and describes the choices that companies and people need to make to be part of this journey.

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