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#5: Wilbert Seele: The Four Things You Do To Prevent Value Delivery

The Four Things You Do To Prevent Value Delivery

Wilbert Seele is curious about why organizations and their employees do the things they do. His focus areas include organizational and behavioral design as well as Evidence Based Management. He has been involved in several major transformations in sectors such as banking, insurance and marketing, and these days is often asked to provide a ‘second opinion’ on the quality of product development and delivery organizations. Besides this, he is a Professional Scrum Trainer for, a course steward for the Applying Professional Scrum (APS) course, and a Professional Kanban Trainer with

Sometimes the best intentions can lead to the worst results. Based on several years of experiencing (and committing) terrible business outcomes, Wilbert Seele has identified the Four Things that you do to prevent value delivery. In this session, not only will you be introduced to each of these through examples, but you will also learn why people still fall into these traps, and how to escape them. Along the way, you’ll learn why you shouldn’t play chess, why Agile Coaches are the worst, what celebrating failures really means and why you shouldn’t steal people’s problems.

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