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#12: Jesse Howing & Simon Flossman: Scrum: Scaling Principles Explained

In this talk the Professional Scrum Trainer and Stewards for the Scaled Professional Professional Scrum Course at, Jesse Houwing and Simon Flossmann, are teaming up to discuss scaling principles in detail. This talk is part of the series #AgileWithUkraine an Agile fundraising event for the people of Ukraine. If you care about the people in Ukraine, then support us and share this event with your friends and colleagues!

About talk:

Scrum: Scaling Principles Explained

Scaling Scrum is more than a math problem. Two Scrum Teams don’t work twice as fast or deliver twice as much value. Common sense tells us that when multiple Scrum Teams work together on a product, more frameworks, more rules, more processes, and more consistency deliver, not automatically more value. Scrum works because it consistently makes big things small to reduce complexity and allow for empiricism. If we want to scale Scrum effectively, we need to stay that way and keep the scale lean and simple, rather than adding more and more to it and making it complicated. There is no magic formula for this, but a few principles have proven to be helpful: The rule of one Shared Goals Eliminate dependencies not just manage it

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