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#10: John Coleman: Hit Delete - unlocking executive agility one deletion at a time

John Coleman is a top 10 thought leader for agility at Thinkers 360, a Professional Scrum Trainer, a Professional Kanban Trainer, a LeSS Friendly Scrum Trainer, a podcaster (Xagility™ for curious executives, Daily Flow for agility practitioners), a practitioner, and prolific blogger.

About talk:

Let's explore the unintended consequences of expecting teams to be agile when we haven't cultivated the right environment. Instead of buying "agility in a box," what can we do to foster the growth of authentic, sustainable organizational agility? Part of the answer might be in improving executive agility. Glacial evolution at the executive level often results in people giving up hope on the dream of organizational agility, even those initially enthusiastic about it. There are agility frameworks tailored for teams, teams of teams, managers, leaders, finance, and people operations. This talk will focus on executives in tech and non-tech environments and the people supporting them. Let's look at how deleting specific executive behaviors could avoid the feeling that agility is just about teams. Perhaps we can attain executive agility by deleting unhelpful behaviors one at a time. We don't have a proven recipe, but maybe we can strive to have fewer "agile-gone-wrong stories" by better understanding the urgency required for these deletions? In this discussion, we'll explore: The observable executive behaviors that might indicate what to address first. Actionable steps towards deleting the above behaviors. Being aware of side effects from starting elsewhere. Real-life examples about the impact deleting certain behaviors had on organizational agility. Where you can begin to affect change.

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